“Pretty Woman” 25 years later

Pretty Woman

This month on 23 March fans of “Pretty Woman” mark 25 years since the premiere of legendary romantic drama that has grown through the years in the number one contender to the audience in this genre.

Just 25 years ago “Pretty Woman” came in cinemas, but also in the hearts of the audience and the actors and special jubilee film director Garry Marshall again met in one place. They took part in an interview with Matt Lauer on the show “Today Show”, an interview which will be broadcast on a 24th on NBC channel.

Pretty Woman 1

Pretty Woman 2

Pretty Woman 3

Besides Julia Roberts that had the “leading role” in the movie others that participated in the interview were Richard Gere, Laura San Giacomo and Hector Elizondo as the director Garry Marshall.

Role in “Pretty Woman” catapulted Julia Roberts into A-list actresses of Hollywood, and made the second Oscar nomination, this time for the main female role.

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