Lamborghini unveils their latest bull: Aventador SV

lamborghini aventador sv 3

The 2015 Geneva motor show will look even nicer with the latest announcement that came from Lamborghini. They decided to give the fans their latest creation, the Aventador SV. The badge SV stands for Superveloce – veloce stands for speed, so you can imagine what kind of super speed this car provides.

It is hard to imagine that they could do even better than the standard Aventador, but with the SV they did. If 690bhp isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, because the SV has 740bhp. Lamborghini also made the new model lighter (50kg less than the standard), and the power-to-weight ratio is very impressive, it’s now 10 percent better than the standard Aventador.

0-60 mph is down to 2.8 sec, and up to 125 mph you can reach in just 8.6 sec, which is very fast, in fact it is neck to neck with the Porsche 918. They have reached this numbers with their expertise in carbonfibre techniques, almost the entire car is made from carbon materials.

Because of the lightness of the car, and the technology that is provided in the new model, the handling is even better. The SV gives you 170 percent more downforce than the standard Aventador, and top speed of 217 mph. So we all just have to wait for the Geneva show, and hear how the new mighty bull from Lamborghini will sound like. I can only image that it will be perfect…

lamborghini aventador sv

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