Irresistible Coffee for Slimming

coffee diet

The man who discovered the recipe for this special coffee for slimming businessman Dave Asprey and called “Bulletproff” (bullet proof) coffee. This creamy drink contains enough calories to replace your entire meal, and it helped him to lose weight, 40 pounds.

When you drink this energy bomb, probably will not be hungry for the next three hours. Its secret lies in the high concentration of healthy fats, which help create the feeling of fullness will be longer.


1 teaspoon instant coffee;

½ teaspoon cocoa;

100 ml of almond milk;

100 ml boiled water;

1 teaspoon coconut oil.


Get your favorite cup for this coffee add the instant coffee and cocoa and add boiling water. Mix the ingredients well, then add hot almond milk. Finally put a teaspoon of coconut oil.

You will surely get in love in this creamy drink at the first sip, and believe that you will prepare it every morning.

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