How to Relieve Stress


Smell of the flowers

The smell of favorite flowers can make us forget about everything that is happening around us. Suddenly disappear all working problems, deadlines, misunderstandings and anxieties. The scent of tuberose is intense, enjoyable and fascinating, like the smell of roses. Lavender is ideal for calming the body and mind before sleep. A soothing effect and helps to relax.



This is the first spice that comes to mind when we remember the holidays, and many people have satisfied laugh when they smell cinnamon. It has its fragrance disperse stress and improves mood. With regular use of the cinnamon as a dietary supplement, cinnamon is protecting your body from colds and strengthens the bones.

citrus fruits

Citrus fruit

Orange, lemon, tangerine, lime they are perfect for relaxation, comfort and raise energy levels when our batteries are worn out. Citrus fruits are often used in combination with base oils for massage. Instant flavor, a crust set of the radiators and within a second room will smell of the refreshing citrus scent.



Hardly any person refuses chocolate. Chocolate stimulates the creation of the endorphins, which gives us a sense of satisfaction, but it also contains serotonin, a natural initiator of the antidepressant and mood. Chocolate contains theobromine, caffeine and other substances that stimulate the body, so we feel awake and refreshed.

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