Federer talk about his activity on Social Networks

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of those athletes who use social networks and through them demonstrate a great sense of humor. Roger often publishes photos and communicates with fans and leaves comical comments and he says that although he is relatively new in terms of communicating on social networks, for him they are a positive experience.

Roger has nearly 15 million fans on Facebook and 2.7 million followers on Twitter.

“Simply, this is a different way of communication. I try to have fun “- says Roger who adds that he is really careful in the way he addresses to everyone.


“I am relatively new, but so far the experience is good” – says Federer.

“I thought that the outside world can be very difficult, so I guess that social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, should be used in ways that you seem most logical and they make you happy.”

But Federer says that he is moderate in relation to the activities of social networks.

“I want to spend time with family and friends, not the phone” – he said.

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