Bar Refaeli without makeup


She is known as “workaholic” and currently is famous as one of the jury of Israeli X-Factor, although lately she had too many responsibilities, Bar Refaeli decided to get one free day.

Attractive model share her picture on Instagram showing herself without makeup, swimming in the pool on the sun.

Bar not forgets to remind us about her slender figure and neckline so she commented:

– Did you notice that I have not worked for 15 hours?


The previous day, beauty posted picture where she also looks fresh and natural and she comment:

– Did you notice that already work 15 hours?


She anyway looks magnificent, but the people who like their job then enjoy working all day, how long and durable was.

The attractive 29-year-old blonde is known for relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio that was from 2005 to 2010.

Last month, reporters asked what she thought about Rihanna, because there are speculations that the singer is in relationship with Leo, on this question Bar replied that she loves her.

– She is quite incredible and I can understand why men love her so much, she said.

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