Baked Potato in an Unusual Way


Baked potato is one of the simplest ways to prepare potatoes and fully enjoy it. However,what do you say for something new and unusual way , which probably has not occurred to you?

The recipe is very simple and made by head chef from Argentine.

All you need are a few medium-sized potatoes, butter and spices of your choice.

potato 1

First melt the butter to be able to separate the milk components from it and strain it and let it cool.

potato 2

Meanwhile slice the potatoes as shown in the picture and arrange it in the tin.

potato 3

With a spoon put a bit of cold butter on each set of potatoes and salt and bake them until they are golden.

potato 4

The remains of potatoes you can use for delicious mashed potato or to be fried.

potato 5

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