20 Signs that shows your Success in Life


We all have those days gone when we look like the whole world collapsed on our heads. We feel depressed, broken, cheated… We’re so busy with everyday activities that we forget to stop, and at least for a moment enjoy our small victories. Nobody said life would be easy, but if you recognize these 20 signs in yourself then you do not need to worry, these are signs for your success:

1. Your relationships are not as dramatic as before.

2. Perhaps you have in your wallet 10 dollars at the moment, but you are satisfied.

3. Do not be afraid to ask for help and support.

4. You have given up from things that made you feel bad

5. You have moments when sincerely appreciate what you see in the mirror.

6. Consciously choose positive thoughts and allow yourself to be self-critical.

7. You’have learned that the falls and failures are part of personal development.

8. You often hear the words “I love you” from your partner / floors, friends, family…

9. Accept what you cannot change, but change that you cannot accept.

10. Rather than appeal to focus on finding solutions.

11. Do not curve your parents and accept the way they are.

12. You have stopped caring about what others think about you.

13. Celebrate others successes.

14. You do not have any problem to share your emotions with others.

15. Have a passion that you will relentlessly follow.

16. You have your own secrets that make you happy.

17. Your goals are achieved.

18. Wherever you live you feel like home.

19. You feel a deep connection with your career.

20. You love people and you let them also to love you.

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