Top Gear revealed why we haven’t seen Race between the LaFerrari, Porsche 918 and McLaren P1, yet!


It’s been almost a year since Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren introduced the world with their powerful hybrid’s (918, LaFerrari and P1). Their new models showed the world that supercars can be different – they can be efficient, ecological and silent, and at the same time to go over 330 kph. But, their main thing was to show everyone that they can use the hybrid system to power up their cars. With the new hybrid system technology, they’ve created monsters which are designed to go like hell, to break world records, to use the electric engine in order to power the petrol engine, to be the most important cars for today and for the future. However, while their cars are among the very best in the world right now, Ferrari and McLaren refuse to make the greatest race ever. Porsche is fine with doing a race between the 3 cars, but the excuses not to do a race given from Ferrari and McLaren are not so logical. The greatest car show in the world Top Gear, tested the LaFerrari in their newest episode which was broadcasted this Sunday on BBC Two, and after the test they discussed why we haven’t seen a race so far. Take a look at their conversation addressed for this issue. The following conversation is taken from

laferrari 918 p1 photo

Jeremy Clarkson: So, who here would like to see which of these cars is the fastest round our track?

Audience: Yes!

Jeremy Clarkson: So would we.  So would Porsche. But we have a problem. McLaren has said that we can’t do the test at our track.

James May: What? Well, hang on – our track is also McLaren’s track. That’s where they developed this car.

Jeremy Clarkson: Yes, I know, and because I know that, I also know that they know that the twiddly bits at the Hammerhead, and so on, will favour the four-wheel drive system of the Porsche.

James May: All right, we’ll do it at a different track.

Jeremy Clarkson: Well, that brings us on to the second problem. Ferrari has spent the last six months saying, “No, we don’t want to do it, at all. Cos we’re not interested in speed, or 0-60, or lap times…”

James May: Really?

Jeremy Clarkson: That’s what they’ve been saying, but… I kid you not, they have. But in the last couple of weeks or so, they’ve started to soften and say, “Well, maybe we can lend you a car.”

Richard Hammond: Well, there you go then. Game on.

Jeremy Clarkson: No, see, there’s another problem. McLaren is saying they will only do this if all of the cars are customer cars, they’re production cars that have been sold – yes? They don’t want them turning up with sticky tyres and 17 turbos on them. Ferrari is saying they’ll only do it if the cars DO come direct from the factory.

James May: Well, all right, then. We’ll find someone who has a Ferrari a Ferrari, and borrow it. I know someone who has one.

Jeremy Clarkson: So do I, James. They’ve covered us on that one, I’m afraid. Ferrari has actually said, to us, that if any Ferrari owner lends us a Ferrari a Ferrari, they will make sure that person can never ever buy a limited edition Ferrari ever again. I kid you not!

James May: Ridiculous…! I’ve never heard anything like this.

Richard Hammond: It doesn’t make any sense! If I built any of these cars – any of them – the first thing I’d want to do is see how fast they were compared to the others.”

So, do you agree with Ferrari’s and McLaren’s requests!? We hope that they will let it go and say “Let’s do this”…

laferrari 918 p1

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