Thinner Waist For Few Weeks!


To have a flatter stomach, do not have to starve, or even to be on a special diet. It only takes a few changes in your eating habits and replace them with new ones. If you applied the following few tips, you will notice results after only a few days. Aspiration for a thinner waist it will become viable.

Avoid salt

When you enter more than common salt, temporarily retain water and fluids in the body, which can contribute to bloating and feeling of clumsiness. Avoid salt, processed food and seasoning that are based on salt. Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich with water.

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates

Stay away from carbohydrates such as baked goods and pastes. When you reduce their intake in their diet, your body will begin to consume quantities of carbohydrate that has and it will eject the liquid that lingers.

Carbohydrate intake may decrease so that you eat for breakfast omelet with salad or vegetables and for lunch allow yourself only one piece of bread.


Replace starch

Most foods that contain starch such as potatoes, corn, pasta, are causing bloating and gas. The only product that does not make gas is rice. Try brown rice which is richer in fiber than white one.

Discard the milk from the diet

If you have gases and you feel clumsy and swollen, you may be lactose intolerant. This happens to people who have a problem to digest the milk sugar, which may have implications for cramps, gas, and even diarrhea. Try a food which is high in lactose, such as hard cheese and yogurt, or products that do not contain lactose, such as almond or rice milk. An alternative may be Soya milk.

Avoid alcohol

Hold the hand of alcohol because it causes dehydration. If you have a night that is full with fun and drinks, you must enter water while you are drinking and do not forget the next morning to start with a large glass of water.

be active

Be active every day

A study from the University of Barcelona suggests that moderate physical activity reduces bloating. It happens because it increases the number of heartbeats and breathing stimulates the natural contractions of intestinal muscles, helping to prevent constipation and accumulation of gases, as well as to speed up digestion. Therefore, whenever you are able walk after meal.


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