Strengthen the Immune System of Your Child!


Infections of the respiratory tract include the common disease of childhood. Children are sick 6-10% under age 6. Known two major periods in which the occurrence of infection is greatest:

  • The age of the child from 6 to 12 months – when the child spent protective antibodies collected from the mother before birth, but its still not fully developed.
  • First contact of the child with group of children – where a high degree of exposure to a variety of infectious diseases.

How can we influence immune system in childhood?

– Bacterial immune modulators

These are substances with bacterial components that are common causes of infection of the airways. These medications are often used for treatment of frequent infections of the airways, but are not recommended at all. They are only can be taken with recipe.

-Biologically active polysaccharides – beta glucans

It is very effective group of natural substances which are structural components of the cell walls of some fungi and plants. In the intestines act locally activate cells of the immune biological system and encouraged his work.

– Products based on Echinacea:

These products are taken primarily in acute infections because their preventive effect in frequent infections Limitations. Not recommended long-term use of these products.

– Colostrum

Since that is versatile and valuable content, colostrum is an indispensable companion for growth, vitality and health. Contains immune factors and growth factors, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

– Minerals (especially zinc and selenium)

Zinc and selenium proved affect the optimal performance of the immune system.

– Vitamins (A, C, E)

Vitamin C plays an important role in the treatment of acute and frequent infections of the airways. Synergistic effect of vitamin C and glucan strengthen immune biological system.


However the most important are: healthy food, good sleep and physical activity

Healthy food includes: fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and meat. Under healthy food means fresh squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables. Balance meals with healthy snacks such as yogurt, raisins or wholegrain cereal with dried fruit. Avoid fatty food and food high with sugar, which can lead to the depletion of immune biological system.

Insist child to sleep at least 8 hours and more. Turn off the night lights and other lights that might disturb the delicate balance of the level of serotonin. To obtain the benefits of the night go to sleep in the room should be dark, quiet and comfortable.

The immune system requires physical activity and exercises that will help the body stay healthy.

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