Science explains: How only one Picture can Damage your Brain

McCollough effect

If anyone thinks that this photo is in itself quite safe, than you are wrong. Some photographs can change the entire course of human thoughts and beliefs to the fullest. That is, if you watch long enough in a GIF or a picture, you can come up short distortion of your vision.

This effect is also called McCollough Effect and can last very long. When this effect performs, the eyes of the viewer see in one way, while the brain interprets the information of a different way. This usually takes a little longer than an hour, but in some cases can last up to three months.

McCollough effect 2png

This was first discovered American psychologist Celeste Mccollough in 1965, and tests are performed using the images with horizontal and vertical lines.

The idea was to fool your own brain and your eyes so that you will register colors that are not in the picture. For this to happen it is necessary to encourage this effect in the brain. But for now, it is still not exactly specified how this effect occurs.

Some believe that it comes to change of the neurons in the eyes, while others think it is something much more complex.

If you are up to try this, check out the video bellow, but if you are scared and you do not want to try this, we recommend you NOT to watch the video…

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