Remove Your Headache in Few Steps!


Stress is an everyday phenomenon faced by most of us. Besides anxiety, stress has many physical symptoms such as headaches, lack of energy, a decline in immunity, and even problems with the digestive system.

Chinese method of treatment, known as acupressure, explains that the human body has a certain stress points, with stimulation of this body parts body begins to relax and is removing stress and tension.

Headache, problems with digestion, insomnia and anxiety are just some of the situations that you can choose for a few minutes at the touch of a point. That point of the body is called Shenmen and it is located at top of the ear lobe, and it is easily activated by friction. Her name in free translation means “gate of heaven,” and with her push reduce stress and pain, increases energy and boosts immunity.

Manual for massage Shenmen point that relaxes the body and spirit:

  1. Stick ears press the point of the ear lobe and gently massage it.
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply and listen as inhale and exhale.
  3. While inhaling hold the view to left side and exhale while to the right, but without turning your head.
  4. Gradually you feel like your body relaxes, and the symptoms of stress are reduced.


This point you can massage it with your fingertips.

Massage it always when you feel that you are under great stress.

The process can be done every day before going to bed.

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