Miracle Drink That Breaks the Fat!


It may sound unbelievable but the fat you can release and through with consumption of a beverage. Thanks to its ingredients, it will speed up the metabolism, you clean the body of toxins and you can melt your fat.

What is important is to comply with the instructions and recipe and regularly consume the drink. The first results should to be less than one month.

To do this you need the following ingredients:

1 cup tomato juice;

ΒΌ cup strained lemon juice;

1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger;

1 hot pepper;

2 stalks celery medium size.

Mix the tomato juice and lemon, grated ginger and minced the hot pepper. You will get 220 ml drink. Serve the drink in glass cups and add to them stalks celery. Celery is eaten along with drinking the beverage.

Daily between meals drink this beverage, summary three cups of this breaker of fat in a day, and if you prepare bigger amount in advance, store it in the fridge.

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