Milan will leave San Siro and will get a New Stadium in 2018

new complex

After many speculations the European Giant football club AC Milan, finally unveiled that will build whole new complex which includes new stadium. San Siro was built in 1926 and was home to AC Milan since then. But, after 89 year, they’ve decided to build new stadium.

new stadium

The new complex will include hotel, restaurants, parking area, and stadium. The stadium will have retractable roof and the capacity will be 48.000 seats.

Emilio Faroldi is the architect for the new complex, and he told ‘’Gazzetta dello Sport’’ that they were inspired by the Emirates Stadium in London (which is home of Arsenal), Bilbao, Neuchatel and Basel stadiums.

new stadium2

This whole new complex is a concept of smart urban area, in which the fans can easily reach with public transport, and it will have all environmental and modern day standards. It will be 30 meters tall, because will be placed in the Portello-Fiera area of the city, but it will go 15 meters under the ground. There will be 500 new workplaces with this project and it will be multifunctional and it will be open seven days a week. The name of the stadium is not revealed yet.

new stadium3

Total cost of this new project will be between 300 and 350 million euros, and the final approval of  this project will be in March.

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