Inexpensive Way Against Flu and Viruses!


The season of colds and viruses is in full swing, so it is likely to end up with a stuffy nose and fever. To heal the unpleasant symptoms, use what we have and given the nature of your daily menu include these 5 simple but magical groceries.


This captivating product has a multiplier effect on our body. In addition to being packed with vitamins that strengthen immunity, ginger is a great fighter against nausea, bloating and constipation. Also, the pretty hot taste helps relief the nose and sinuses.



Casual dry crackers with no added spices are your ally during seasonal viruses. They are dry and easily digested, contributing your stomach to calm down, and thus prevent nausea and vomiting. A similar effect has rusk. Combine them with unsweetened tea.



Benefits of hot tea are always known. Green tea, which you can drink every day, is an excellent antioxidant and fighter against infections. It strengthens the immune system, and combined with lemon, ginger and honey, he will give to your body everything you needed to return it to normal.

Irritated stomach will settle down mint and chamomile, and the cough will calm plantago and laurel.



Nothing heals better than magic chicken soup. It contains the ingredient cysteine, which reduces the level of mucus in the airways and thus prevents cough. Also, the soup is easy to digest and will prevent dehydration and soothe the symptoms of colds.



This delicious and sweet fruit is the perfect ally of your weakened body. The banana is packed with potassium, easily digested and will not irritate the stomach. This tropical fruit helps to reduce fever, and also reimburses electrolytes that the body loses due to increased sweating, diarrhea or vomiting.

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