I Want to Call Me Lady Bond!

Monica Bellucci

Italian actress Monica Bellucci has 50 years and is the oldest Bond girl who appears in the series about the famous secret agent 007. However, this lady is undoubtedly sexiest woman who is assigned this role.

Monica Bellucci

First thought when I got the role was “How can I be a Bond girl I have 50?” After audition director Sam Mendes told me that for the first time in history, I like a woman who would be the same age as the actor who played Bond says Bellucci, adding that because of his age would like to call Bond or Lady Bond, woman than girl.

Monica Bellucci

So many women have 50 and feel invisible to men, but does not to be like that. But remember, what they show on the outside is a reflection of what you feel inside. When I go to Brazil I see women who are not poor at all, but when dancing in the streets with such femininity and sensuality, their bodies look great. In Europe, women are not as open to her body. More are closed; even afraid to open up in such a way, explains the Italian actress.

According to her beauty comes from the way you feel, not on whether your body looks perfect or not.

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