How to extend Battery Lifetime on your Laptop


Batteries for laptops are quite expensive to constantly be replaced, so the five ways to extend its lifetime can be of great benefit.

1.Do not allow the laptop to reach a high temperature

If you can feel the heat of the laptop on your skin, it is not good for you, or for the laptop and its battery. Another symptom that is not so good is if it turns itself off for this reason.

2.Do not remove the battery while the laptop is turned on

For the sake of its lifetime, it is the laptop to be completely turned off before doing anything with it. Do not remove or place while it is turned on.

3.Rule 80/20

Some experts say that the battery life is extended if it is always full of between 20 and 80%. So you should not allow to fall below 20%, and when you charge it you should not exceed 80% fulfillment.

4.Never on 100%

It is recommended that the battery should not be charged 100%. Do not leave it to full or when you come to its maximum, it is even worse for the battery.

5.It is not recommended to be completely empty

There is a small risk of damage to the laptop and the battery if you leave it alone to turn off.

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