How much are paid famous TV people

Ellen DeGeneres

A few days ago, Jon Stewart said he will leave the The Daily Show, after 17 years of running this show. According to reports, he is the highest paid anchor   in American television, with earnings of $ 30 million’s annual.

For that occasion, Business Insider published a list of the most pay TV people which can be compared the salary of Jon Stewart with others. 

1.The Judge Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy reality show): 47 million

2.Jon Stewart (The Daily Show): 25-30 million

3.Matt Lauer (Today): 22-25 million

4.David Letterman (The Late Show): 20 million

5.DeGeneres Ellen (Ellen): 16-20 million

6.Kelly Ripa (Live!): 14-20 million

7.Bill O’Reilly (The O’Reilly Factor): 18 million

8.Jennifer Lopez (American Idol): 17,5 million

9.Ryan Seacrest (American Idol): 15 million

10.Howard Stern (America’s Got Talent): 15 million

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