How Marriage Looks Like!?


Marriage can be beautiful. It means that you have found the one that you want to spend the rest of your life.

You thing you know your partner but there are things in marriage that can still surprise you. These are some important rules that reveal marital experts from around the world.

– You do not have anything to change after the wedding. If you are in a real relationship and you are married to the right person, the only thing that needs to be change is perhaps your last name and mailbox.

– The sentence “in sickness and in health” will come to the fore more than you think when you have to go through heavy hangover or when he have to help you survive tough PMS. That is love.

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– Be friends, not clowns one in front of other; enjoy what you both do in everyday life.

Marriage is boring. Be often surprised when your husband will surprise you with new cooked lunch, an interesting movie film or your proposed jointly exercising and walking on the weekend.

– Know that you do not get married just with your partner your are getting family. Respect and do not constantly criticize.

– Do not get everything to too seriously. This leads to arguments.

– Disputes need to be cleaned, and bed time “dirty.”

– Even when you realize that your partner has little interesting habits, as morning singing or eating by the computer you have to learn to love them.

– You have to leave one another to be alone with friends sometimes otherwise your marriage is doomed.

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