Homes of Stars That Still Do Not Have 30 Years!

The purchase of own house before 30 years may be a challenge for everyone, but rarely fills great, unless you’re a star in Hollywood. The following houses of famous stars will make you more to work, so you can buy at least apartment.

Taylor Swift

Taylor house is located on the island of Rhode and worth 17 million dollars. Country style house, beautifully describes the roots and beginnings of Taylor’s music scene.

taylor house

Jennifer Lawrence

California is a place that Jennifer chose for her house that worth $ 6 million. In this house lived Ellen Degeneres and Jessica Simpson.

jennifer house

Robert Pattinson

The star of the “Twilight” lives in a very modest house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and it costs only $ 2 million.

robert house

Iggy Azalea

Australian rap singer bought the former home of Selena Gomez for 3, 45 million dollars. Also, she chose California, where she lives with her boyfriend Nick Young basketball player for Lakers.

iggi house

Bruno Mars

The singer managed to buy Paradise in California, as many real estate agents say. The house has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and cost $ 6 million.

bruno house

Lady Gaga

Gaga has spent 23 million dollars on this European style house in Malibu.

gaga house

Liam Hemsworth

Former boyfriend of Miley Cyrus also bought a house in Malibu, but more modest than Lady Gaga. This house has three bedrooms and cost $ 6 million.

liam house

Zac Efron

The star of “Neighbors” lives in a house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is located in the Hollywood Hills and cost 2 million dollars.

zac house


Rapper lives in a house of 7 million dollars, which has a very nice garden with a swimming pool and waterfalls.

drake house

Keira Knightley

Oscar-nominated actress, along with her husband, musician James Wright lives in London in a house with five bedrooms costing $ 6 million.

Keira Knightley house

Jason Derulo

In South Florida live Derulo rapper whose house has 9 bedrooms and cost 1.75 million dollars.

Jason Derulo house

Jastin Biber

The singer lives in a house with six bedrooms in Beverly Hills, which he rent. For a month in the house he takes 59,000 dollars.

Jastin Biber house

Kendall Jenner

The model who won the fashion world, Kendall lives in a house with two bedrooms in Los Angeles. After long negotiation with her parents finally she decided to buy it for 1, 39 million dollars.

Kendall Jenner house


Singer that most wants to experiment with her looks lives in a house with a style that is reminiscent of the 20s in Los Angeles. The bungalow, as she likes to call it costs 1.65 million dollars.

Kesha house

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