Girls who don’t like something serious, just fun!? 5 signs that guys need to know


Some guys do not pay attention on new hairstyle, manicure or shirt of girl that come out, but most of know how to read the signs that tell whether is interested in them or not.

When women behave like this, men in this behavior will notice only the desire for good fun: 

  1. The first meeting or at the first phone call, she talks about sex.
  2. Wears clothes that is very short, reveals legs, chest, back … Her sexuality is overemphasized.
  3. Constantly complimenting him.
  4. Already at the second meeting she invites him to her home.
  5. On the third meeting she is dressed in sexy underwear with many lace, leaving nothing of his imagination.



On the other hand, there are women that makes guys to try harder

  1. She subtly seduces him, reveals her passion through body language.
  2. Reveals only one of her attributes, her sexuality is a part of her personality and she don’t act unnaturally or unusual
  3. She maintains his interest with tell him compliments when he shows a desire for sex, and so he feels that is still in game.
  4. Sexy underwear is left on the hanger in her toilet for him to see it when he come to her house. But not today.
  5. Passionate kiss at the door. She would called him, but knows how to beat the desire and say goodbye to him at the entrance. The spark is not extinguished, but begins to inflames.

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