Eye scan will replace password on Windows 10

Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft does not like in the operating system to bring only the best for mobile and desktop platforms, but also will offer users to have security of the working environment that will not be based only on passwords.

As part of an effort to make Windows more secure, Microsoft has teamed up with a select group of companies like Google and PayPal, in support of Fast Identification Online (FIDO) open standard and using alternative methods of identification based on biometric readers.

In this way, Windows 10 would be away from the traditional password entry and will accept FIDO system of advanced generation, offering users a new authentication methods such as eye scanning.

At Microsoft claim that the new system of verification and logging is something to strive, but that is a great challenge.

Windows 10 2

Therefore FIDO support, with the launch of Windows 10, is the first step to enhanced security. The new operating system of Microsoft, would migrate on verification methods witch are locally based and would not espousing any information online, that would be difficult for hackers to brake in Windows 10.

Readers of fingerprint and eye scanners based FIDO 2.0 standard, all this would facilitate, and many companies producing such devices that currently use the services of Google.

Windows 10 is expected in the second half of this year, and Microsoft promised to improve cooperation with FIDO partners for the new operating system to less based on passwords, and more on local systems verification.

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