8 Tips for Runners


Running is a wonderful activity and it’s shame to stop doing it because of some little things. So use these eight tricks. With them running the running will be easier and you will feel great pleasure.

1.Before you start running drink smoothie of banana to prevent muscle cramps.

2.Drink coffee to increase stamina.

3.If you do not have pockets, keys to the apartment or car tie them to the laces on your sneakers.

4.If you have not bought bracket for your mobile phone, do it yourself with sock.

5.The sock you can convert in holder for bottle of water.

6.Fraud your body to run faster. Select a point on the horizon that you will run to it. It should not be very far. You will quickly get to it and you will feel less tired.

7.Massage the swollen feet with tennis ball.

8.If it previously stood in the freezer, the effect will be even better.

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