4 Instant Ways for Shiny Hair!


Women always want their hair to look more beautiful and healthier. If you are one of them, follow these tips that are recommend by hairdressers and stylists.

Do not dry your hair with a towel

Skip the drying hair with a towel, because then the hair loses moisture and causes entanglement and bending. Instead, dispose of the hair in the tub and let it dry, says hairdresser for celebrity Trayce Madre.

Use a round brush

Using a round brush is a great and simple way to give shine to your hair. When you finish your routine drying hair, comb it for another couple of times with a round brush. Hair will get extra shine, says Douglas David, creative director of Douglas Carroll Salon.

shiny hair

Curly hair requires more care

Straight hair reflects light better, because the surface and everything is smooth. Curly hair, however, tends to absorbing more light than you can hold, so they need more maintenance to achieve greater shine, says John Francis, celebrity stylist from Los Angeles, who recommend first to wait for your hair to dry, and then apply a little spray for hair shine.


For remarkable glow dry your hair with a hair dryer, and then apply serum to your hands. Never apply serum directly to the hair, first put the required amount on your hands, rub them, and then apply it on your hair. This will avoid excessive application and oily looking hair.

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