3 Tricks How to Stop Tachycardia


Frequent experience tachycardia, or fast heartbeat attacks due to stress or with out reason occurrence in both men and women in each life age. The feeling is very uncomfortable and we all want as quickly as possible to stop. We present three tricks in which less than a minute you can reduce your pulse.

Method with cold water

You need cold water and even water with ice. All you have to do is to take a deep breath and dive your face in cold water and to stay in it as long as you can survive. This procedure stimulates the vagus nerve which affects the slowing of the heart rhythm. When you hold your face in cold water, the body sends a signal to slow the metabolism known as the diving reflex that reduces rapid heartbeat.


Very deep breathing

Inhale very deeply, to the point I could not breathe, then quickly exhaled air from the chest. Repeat this process until necessary, but not enough deep breathing. You need to breathe to the limits of the chest, so the method can be so effective to reduce rapid heart rhythm.


Valsalva maneuvers

Breathe deeply, close your nose and mouth and let it air strong in itself without dropping out, just like when she tried to be facilitated. Hold this pressure as you can survive. Then omit the air and relax. You may experience mild dizziness, but that is normal.

Try to employ these methods several times, and finally feel that the best you act. However, if you have frequent episodes accelerated heart rate that last more than 20 or more minutes, feeling fatigue, pain and other discomfort urgently seek medical assistance.

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