25 Reasons That Every Mother Should Know

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1. When somebody offer you to take care your baby for you to relax, be sure to accept.

2. Calm down. Crying is an inevitable part of life of your baby.

3. Get out of the house more often. Watch movies, eat in restaurants and do your duties with your Darling, placing it in trolley or relaxants.

4. Buy a camera that is with high quality with that you will capture every moment.

5. Do not forget that you need to be part of those photos.

6. Make that kind of photographs and store them as something precious.

7. Immortalized all the wonderful moments.

8. Avoid TV shows and sites where the homes are always perfect, children are perfectly polite, mothers with perfect hair style and make up, they are cause uncomfortable feeling for what kind of mother you are.

9. Buy some nice pants and not spare the money.

10. Do not burden yourself with advice on baby care. Follow your instinct and the advice of the doctor and everything will be fine.

11. Do not be strict with yourself because your look after delivery.

12. Do not look for answers at any cost.

13. Do not burden with reading books for care and education.

14. Perhaps breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby and infant milk is good if you are not able to breastfeed. The most important thing is the baby is full, healthy and smiling.

15. Do not worry too much – tomorrow is a new day.

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16. Showers is important! It will not last long, but it will do you good, even for a short time.

17. When the baby cries take it in hand, you will not spoil it. That is only love and care.

18. Postnatal depression is not fiction.

19. The belief that soon you will not get pregnant is not contraception.

20. It’s okay if you do not enjoy every moment of the day.

21. The sink has too many dishes. So what if.

22. It’s OK sometimes the baby to leave in the crib and go and finish some of the homework you have or simply rest ..

23. Do not take up all the responsibilities yourself.

24. You will break any rule that begins with the words “My child never wants …“.

25. Try to enjoy these moments. Time flows continuously, as it is difficult to believe.

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