Whitening Your Teeth in Just Five Minutes!


Introducing to you the old, proven, safe, inexpensive and accessible method for whitening teeth, this will delight you!

The secret is in the active carbon. Believe it or not, positive results were still visible after first use. If you are persistent and regularly carry out the procedure, the resulting effect will delight you.

All you have to do is too dissolving two active carbon tablets in a little water and so will add coal previously grinded.

Teeth Whitening

Mix in the mixture your teeth brush and wash your teeth with it for two minutes. Then rinse your mouth and once again repeat the washing.

It is important to know that active coal do not have taste, but that, unlike other popular means of whitening teeth, activated charcoal has no negative consequences for your teeth. It doesn’t cause inflammation of the gums and tooth enamel remains intact.

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