What do Intelligent people differently?

robert downey jr

A recent study reveals that what people do to look intelligent, sometimes is not that others perceive it as a sign of high intelligence. There are many ways that you can really make you look smarter, but if you want to show others your intelligence, then you have to change a little your approach.

This study showed that people who try to look smarter usually have serious facial expression, or use more complex words. But these two things do not go together. Instead, you should try to be clear, concise and involved in the conversation. The survey came to the following conclusions…

Behaviors, that people think they make them more intelligent:

  • Serious facial expression
  • Hands are kept in a peaceful position, usually behind
  • Using big words and complex sentences
  • Moving faster than those around them

Behaviors that others seek to establish that there is a higher intelligence:

  • Position indicating high confidence
  • Actively participating in the conversation, nodding with his head and gestures
  • Speaking with pleasant and expressive voice tone
  • Using clear language

Behaviors that really cause you to act more intelligently:

  • Maintain eye contact during conversation
  • Standing or sitting up straight
  • Using the middle initial
  • Wearing glasses

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