These types of Men can Have any Woman they like, without any trouble!

simon baker

What wisecracking men makes them particularly irresistible? Men with a sense of humor have a charm that every girl falls on it.

Such a man can always laugh any kind of female. Probably you are a bit more in love in him, if you laugh at all his jokes that he has been already tried, and you also love him if you laugh at his failed attempts for humor. Here are a few main reasons why women “fall” of witty men.

They are Creative

Ask any writer who is the hardest genre of writing and will probably answer that it is a comedy. One thing is to retell jokes, and another thing is to devise a response in the exact moment after which you stomach ache from laughter. Moreover, witty men often have broad general knowledge and they are not afraid to use it.


They are Social

You will know them on celebrations and parties if they are in the spotlight. They could transform any awkward situation for a moment, into good fun with a joke. Dating with such men is very simple, and you will never have to worry that you burst into a room full of strangers, because he will soon “break the ice”.

They are good Observers

These men are well observers of the things that are happening around him. Just because that, they can always highlight something funny in particular situation.


You can feel safe around them

Besides them you can always be relaxed. Any walls that you have uploaded around though these men, they would immediately collapse. Their behavior will teach you how to laugh yourselves and to the absurdity of life. They will not have any problem to make joke for themselves in public, so you will see that you do not even have to worry if something unpleasant happens to you.

They shall make friendships with your closest friends

Relaxed men will immediately impress your friends. Because of their personality, they will automatically capture the attention of people who want to be in their company.


They are Confident

Only confident man can make jokes at his expense to entertain others. He may not look confident, but believe that he feels completely comfortable in his own skin. But also behind the fun facade lies an emotional being who will be attentive to your feelings when you are together.

They will always make you laugh

With these men, you just can’t to be angry or sad for long time, for any reason. It takes one funny moment and you will forget why you were angry. He will make you laugh and you relax in any situation.


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