The Greatest Scientific Discoveries in 2014

This year is marked by many scientific discoveries and achievements, by that 2014 will be remembered. National Geographic made a list of the most important ones.

DNA analysis of Richard III

richard III DNA

At the end of the year, scientists have completed DNA analysis of Richard III, who lived in the fifteenth century. The discovery is important because according to DNA analysis, scientists were able to reconstruct the genetic evidence for 20 generations descendants and ancestors of the king. In fact, this is the oldest recorded case of DNA analysis of some famous historical figure.

Recording of the “sea monster”

Successful landing on a comet

The European Space Agency has successfully performed landing of Philae spacecraft on the surface of a comet.

Discovered large complex around the Stonehenge 

A team of scientists discovered a large complex of stone structures hidden around the Stonehenge.

In China was discovered a fossil of mammal, old more than 200 million years


Discover the remains of the largest dinosaur ever

Published survey in which 50-year-old patient was cured of leukemia with a heavy dose of vaccine against measles

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