Spartan Arrives!

Microsoft Spartan

Microsoft is developing a new modern web browser to replace Internet Explorer, in an apparent attempt to raise the direction towards the other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

The new browser also would help Microsoft to distance itself from the bad memories of the users of the old versions of Internet Explorer that had many problems.

The company earlier opinion was to change the name of the browser to separate its new product from the negative perception that no longer expresses the reality.

The browser, carries the codename Spartan, will be presented on January 21 when Microsoft will present its new Windows 10. But then you probably will not be ready and you can expect only the previous version of the software.

Spartan will be available for desktop and portable versions of the operating system, says IGN News. Although the new browser will be preinstalled in future versions of the operating system, Windows 10 also arrives with backwards compatible version of Internet Explorer 12th.

The new browser will still use many of the same technologies as Internet Explorer, as well as a somewhat stripped look that gives the impression of minimalism and supports extensions.

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