Smart Socks the Future of Fitness!


Among the more exotic gadgets shown at this year’s CES 2015 Show in Las Vegas are smart socks made by the company Sensoria.

“Fitness bundle” includes two pairs of smart socks made of proof, as they say “hi-tech and electronic friendly” material, an electronic bracelet, electronic padding that magnet engages socks, special software application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone phones and tablets.

sensoria smart sock

In the material that they are made, these socks have built textile sensors merged with electronic accessories, collect data from your feet and you report the number of run / intermediate step, the speed of movement, combustion calories, and slope and along the path that you navigate.

These data are sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone, which you can follow and application alert you if you are doing something wrong.

Thanks to this system, Sensoria will help in your activities to reduce the likelihood of injury, as well as proper walking or running, to advance your fitness activities. One package Sensoria socks will be sold at a price of $ 200.

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