Signs That you Need to Strengthen your Immunity!

Immune System

Studies show that the sensitivity of flu and colds can be increased due to certain practices such as the amount of sugar you have entered, or because dryness of the nose.

We present several signs that indicate that your immune system is weakened and that should be strengthen.

You have a need for sweet

Excessive indulgence of sweets will not only hurt your figure, but the immune system will not be able to adequately protect you against bacteria and viruses.

One study found that 100 grams of sugar significantly reduce the ability of white blood cells in the next 5 hours to fight bacteria.

eating chocolate sweets

You do not drink sufficient amounts of water

There is a reason why it is recommended intake of fluids when you’re sick. Your body needs fluids to discard toxins.

The recommended amount of water that you need to enter a day varies from person to person. You drink enough water if your urine is bright yellow or almost clear without smell.

You are fighting with overweight

We all know that obesity is harmful for the heart, brain and other organs. But you should know that excess weight weakens the immune system. Those who struggle with severe flu or colds often have a body mass index over 40, according to all criteria indicates overweight.

The same causes hormonal imbalances and inflammation that reduces the ability of the immune system to defend against infection.

Drinking water

The inside of your nose is dry

Leak of the nose is the body’s defense mechanism that overcomes the flu and colds. Mucus in the nose stops viruses and prevents their getting into the body. If your nasal passages are dry, bacteria and viruses easily enter the respiratory system.

If dryness is your current problem solved it with drops of seawater. But if it be your constant problem, contact your doctor to find the cause.

You are under chronic stress

Chronic stress is one of the biggest enemies of the immune system. Too high level of stress in the body will not only increase the risk of getting the flu and colds, but will exacerbate their symptoms.

People, who are under chronic stress, often feel the most difficult symptoms and need a double even longer to recover.


Constantly you have a cold

This is a sign that your immune system is not functioning properly. On average, an adult during the season catches colds 3 times that on average takes 3 to 4 days.

If you have a cold more often, it means that you have developed any resistance. To improve immunity sleep more, practice, adopt a healthy eating habits and start eating foods that strengthens immunity.

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