She was named “Sexiest Reporter in the World” again!

fani stipkovic

The Croatian reporter Фани Стиповиќ attracted the attention of media across the world.

Second year in a row, the world media declared Croatian Фани Стиповиќ, the sexiest reporter in the World. The launch of her new show “Fani TV”, showed up in the media in prestigious newspapers in Argentina, Venezuela, Panama and Spain, as is “Periodico El Nacional”, “Cochino Pop”, “La Capital”, “Marca” and “La Vanguardia”, writes


They write about her looks and blue-green eyes that “mesmerize”. World media paid attention to the excellent production of “Fani TV”, and added that her fun spirit and spontaneity can “disarm” every interlocutor.

fani stipkovic3

fani stipkovic4

fani stipkovic5

fani stipkovic6

fani stipkovic beauty

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