Red Fruit Elixir for Skin!

mixed berries


Ribes nigrum

The extract of the fruit has astringent action, softens skin and is used as a fragrance. In cosmetics used extracts from the leaves and oil of seeds.


Prunus cerasus

Cherry fruit or fruit extract has antioxidant activity, as well as extract from the leaves of cherry that provide a kind of effect humidification and helps the skin to retain water.


Vaccinium macrocarpon

Shaped like an extract of the fruit or as a powder, cranberry has astringent action and used as smell. You can found in products for maintaining personal hygiene, because it contains pigments that help prevent from infection.


Fragaria vesca

Strawberry fruit, the juice from the strawberry and leaves have astringent properties. Oil seeds and butter of them soften skin.

red fruit mask


Rubus idaeus

From all kinds of red fruit raspberry is used most in cosmetics. Raspberry fruit and its juice have astringent action, stimulating the separation of dead cells on the surface layer of the skin without rubbing, also smoothed and tone the skin. Seeds of raspberry have abrasive properties, and the oil which is extracted from raspberry softens the skin and is a powerful antioxidant. Raspberry leaves are used for the preparation of extracts and wax.


Punica granatum

Oil seeds are used to soften the skin slows down the aging process of the skin and has a protective effect, equate complexion and skin tone. The water from the fruit of the bars has astringent properties, tones and gives a pleasant smell; while dust obtained from the seeds have abrasive capacity.


Vaccinium myrtillus

Among other red fruits blueberry almost most represented in cosmetics. The fruit of blueberry, liquid, and even the leaves have astringent action, used for skin care, and hair and nails

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