Perfect Scents For The Bedroom!


Candles smell is great therapy relaxes with light and odor that spread. Every woman must own a few candles to burn them in certain moments.

We offer several scents that are a required part of your mini collection.



If you are wondering why choose wood, the answer is simple. It smells of nature, peace and a sense that you are away from the people.



Already know all the benefits of chamomile tea. Even if you feel discomfort and candle with scent of chamomile can help. If you light a candle before bed time you will sleep like a baby.



It has been scientifically proven that it is one of the most beautiful scents cleans the body and mind. The smell of lavender reduces the activity of the nervous system and helps us easier to combat stress.

rose candle


Rose is a perfect scent to strengthen memory. Fragrant candle scented rose quickly helps you to learn or to finish some work.

jasmine candle


It is fragrance that will refresh you when you enter home after a hard day at work. As scientists say the smell of jasmine is strong enough to make a group of mice to stop an activity and to sit quietly in the corner.

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