New Technology will Charge an Electric Car for 3 minutes

bmw i8 charging

The Israel company StoreDot claims that for a year from now, they will come out on the market with a new system that will be able to fully charge the battery of an electric car in just 3 minutes.

One of the biggest problems of electric cars today is the long charging time, so a large number of companies are working exclusively on solving this problem with new technologies.

StoreDot bravely stated that in just one year they’ll have a system that will recharge the batteries of electric cars for three minutes, a part of their new technologies are introduced to the current “Consumer Electronics” event in Las Vegas.

Executive Director of the company Doron Myersdorf , on this occasion said that his company “in period of one year, we will show you model of an electric car that will be charged for 3 minutes.”

Myersdorf added that their batteries will be grouped into large “packages”, similar to what already works at Tesla Motors, a used “organic” chemistry that allows faster movement of ions between the cathode and the anode.

However, these batteries have a lower energy density compared to lithium-ion cells used in most electric cars so they need more space for the same amount of energy.

Although ambitious, this announcement should be interpreted with caution because a large number of similar studies do not make the crucial leap from experiments, in the production phase.

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