Most Expensive Shoes in the World!

Tabitha Simmons

The most expensive shoes in the world are the work of designer Christian Louboutin and they cost 4645 dollars, published the magazine “Luxury Life“. The shoes are made of alligator leather.


The second most expensive shoes are handmade leather boots by “Gucci“, whose price is 3,750 dollars.

Gucci boots

While on third place are the shoes with high heels by Gianmarco Lorenzi that cost 3348 dollars.

gianmarco lorenzi

Next on the list are sandals with crystals by Tabitha Simmons (3,100 dollars).

Tabitha Simmons

The next are boots by Balmain (2725 dollars), and another set of Louboutin shoes (2,445 dollars).

baltmain louboutin

On the seventh place are crystal platform shoes “Sofia” by “Gucci” that cost 2295 dollars.


Rick Owens boots of 2073 dollars.

Rick Owens

Sandals by Jimmy Choo that cost 1995 dollars.

Jimmy Choo

Shoes from satin and crystals by Giuseppe Zanotti, whose price is 1.835 dollars.

Giuseppe Zanotti

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