Microsoft Patented Keyboard for Eye Tracking!


In just a few decades man has gone the way of hard buttons on machines writing to virtual keyboards on the touch screen, and a few days ago Microsoft reported patent describes a system in which instead of fingers typing used view.

The system is primarily intended for those who can’t use their hands, and acts as something truly revolutionary.

Unlike existing, less slow requiring the eyes to keep more of a position, Microsoft plans to accelerate the process of introducing a combination of recognizing patterns and creating a database for each user.

“By gathering all directions of gaze of early entry to signal that the intake is completed, then the processing of all data, whole words or sentences to be able to deliver at once. It could allow users each letter to keep very short, “the patent.


Of course, the patent does not mean that the product sees the light of day, but knowing that Microsoft entered the race for BP, and that there are sensors to monitor the movement of the head and the possibility that someone in the virtual world system more advanced understanding of the replica of the keyboard, maybe possible faster input in terms of what it can well trained fingers.

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