Main characteristics of the Leaders


Leadership is the ability to take responsibility. Leaders are people who are ready for action, focused on the ultimate goal and that effectively guide others to do a certain job.

Do you want to know what qualities leaders possess?

This are the 10 characteristics:

You have to know what is your goal.

Construct a practical plan to achieve the goal, with the advice of your team.

Surround yourself with people who have the knowledge and experience required to achieve your goal.


Have enough faith in yourself and your plans and watch your goal even you haven’t started yet.

Do not be discouraged no matter the obstacles. If your original plan fails, replace it with a new one.

Do not waste time guessing, take the facts as a basis for all plans.

Do not let someone else change your mind for your goals and plans.

Don’t count the number of hours of work. The leader must to devote to their task as much time as is required for success.

Concentrated on one thing at a time because you can not classify the entire energy of more things at the same time.

Switch the care of subordinates when you can, but keep a system that will check if they have successfully completed the job. Think that you are responsible for the implementation of the plans and keep in mind that the failure of your subordinates is the same like your failure.

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