Irresistible Rum Balls!

rum balls


150 g chocolate,

50 g butter,

150 g mixed crushed hazelnuts and almonds,

4 tablespoons rum,

2 tablespoons brown sugar,

little cocoa, cinnamon and chocolate.


The chocolate and the butter melt them on the steam. Add the crushed  hazelnuts and almonds and stir.

In another bowl mix 2 tablespoons rum and 2 tablespoons sugar and heat the sugar to dissolve. Then leave them to cool out, then add them to the mixture of chocolate and stir. Add 2 more tablespoons rum, stir and frame the mixture into balls.

Then the balls put in refrigerator for several hours to be cool. Roll them in a mixture of cocoa, cinnamon and melted chocolate.

Enjoy the irresistible taste!

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