How to Improve your Flirting?

Some people possess really excellent skills flirting and know how to attract the attention of the person they are interested. On the other hand, many people fail to discover the secret of the flirt.

Yahoo published a list of some things you should know about flirting in order to improve your skills for next time when you want to attract someone’s attention.


Eye contact

This is very important. Eye contact is big and clear sign that you are interested for someone. The intensive look can make you more attractive to someone. According to a study carried by Yahoo, eye contact of about two minutes with stranger or someone do not know can stimulate your passion.

Touch is required

Men are more reserved with this and we can not blame them, because touching the woman they just met could end bad for them. But on the other hand women touch is a great way of flirting. There are several types of touches – from friendly (eg touch of the shoulder), then you can switch on a bit seductively touch (for example on the back, stomach), and the best touch is one on the face (certainly you should good to estimate which touch is appropriate in the situation).

Acting unreachable works

This is hard to play, but it works. If you make to look unreachable in other eyes, while still seemed intrigued, you have the winning combination. People want what they can not get.

Speech is a sign of your interest

In this case women have the advantage. Women can more successfully manipulate her voice than men, when they are interested at someone, they can speak more flexible. So, if you are female in this situation, you can always use this ability to send a signal.

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