Hotel With Wild Animals!

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Australian tourist facility “Jamala Wildlife Lodge” is also a zoo, aquarium and hotel where guests have the opportunity to learn about life in a unique way.

This station was opened at the beginning of this year and is located only 10 minutes drive from Canberra. The idea of the owner Richard Tindale is to show the people that there are many species that are extinct.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge hotel

The three locations are 18 rooms which have a capacity of about a dozen guests. Some of them are located between thick vegetation wherelive monkeys, while others are set at the same height as the trees that giraffes feed.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge

The main room is called “Ushaka” and is in the form of huge letter U, so that visitors can easily observe lions. Here is another house behind the aquarium where sharks swim.

Warwick Jamala

One of the luxurious bathrooms see the location in which live bears, and the dining room in the main house is surrounded by lions. One night in this five-star hotel is 400 dollars, the price also included a walk in the zoo and aquarium, and feeding of certain animals.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge hotel

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