Horoscope: Will you find Your Soul Mate in 2015?

The entry of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius will affect your life in 2015. This planet is a symbol of permanence and responsibility, in loving aspect is excellent predictor of long and lasting relationships. Fire and air signs will have special luck in the first part of the year, more luck that the other signs.


Because you are persistent and arrogant, you will not quit until you exhaust your opponent, or the one that fell into your eyes. Younger women may be an easy target to an Aquarius or Leo, and men born in the sign of Aries can expect courtship of Gemini or Sagittarius.


Your charm and persistence have no competition, so you always work hard to leave a strong impression on the one that you like. Some Cancer sign will like your patronizing attitude, and a Virgo will like the security that you transparent. If you are a lady, it will resist the Capricorn or erotic Fish.


You are happy, witty and fun and your company is never boring. In the first months of the year it may suit a Libra or Aquarius elusive, especially if you are a woman. Men born in this sign without notice may become a target for a woman Leo or Aries.


You are romantic you and you never tired of necking. A magnetic attractive Scorpion or sensual Fish will be able to draw your attention, especially if you are a member of the women. Male Cancer should pay attention to the Bulls and Virgo who had known.


The lions are passionate and warm, they often fall on external beauty, so this year in particular some Aries will attract your attention, or some romantic Libra. If you are a man, you will not resist the humor of Twins or spontaneous easygoing of the Sagittarius.


By nature, you are practical and perfectionists, so as real refreshment, a company of relaxed Taurus or Capricorn dominant will affect good on you. Male representatives born in the sign of Virgo will be attracted by Scorpio or Cancer of the beginning of the year.



Is one of the most charming signs, for which the opposite sex will just stick to you. Expect love quotes from a witty Twin or Aquarius. If you are a man, you will easily be interested in a Sagittarius or Leo.


Because your charisma and secrecy, you cannot stay unnoticed. The new year will enter into a relationship with a sensitive Cancer or erotic Pisces, if you are a man. The ladies Scorpions can be like a shy Virgo or unattainable Capricorn.


You are spontaneous and natural, happy and relaxed, so it will be a real magnet for a Leo or Aquarius. Men archers can expect a love offering of a passionate Aries or calm Libra.


This year is possible parallel secret relationship with Virgo and Scorpio. And if you’re a lady, you will not remain immune to the wooing of the Mystic Pisces or relaxed Taurus. Please wait for an exciting year full of love and few indecent proposals.


You enjoy shocking your environment, so in January, you may have interest on Libra or interested Twin who does not mind being constantly change plans. Women Aquarius can meet exciting Sagittarius or Aries.


Your eroticism will not remain unnoticed wherever you show up, especially if you’re a lady. Scorpions and Cancers will constantly try to earn you this year. If you are a man, you will have great success in winning a Capricorn or Taurus.

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