Have You Found The Right Gift?

perfect gift

Surely it happened to you to act as if you are impressed by the gift that you really did not like it in order not to hurt anyone. But, according to British psychologist Simon Moore, body language can “publish” your true feelings. Therefore the next time you give away gift, ask the next few signs to find out if you may not have made a good choice.

When he / she are opening the gift is touching the face or often putts his/her hand over his/her mouth. Pay attention to the folds around the eyes, even though he / she will claim that the gift is nice, their eyes will act as they make you a little angry. Pulling her/his head round is another sign of false enthusiasm, and away from the gift. We unconsciously are moving from the things that we do not like.

When we are anxious we often shaking our leg or stagnate with the foot on the floor, and the same thing happens when we get a gift that we do not like it because we are quickly trying to act as we are delight.

If a person really does not like your gift, he/she will have a natural smile on his face. Also if you hit the right gift, then this person will unconsciously slightly raise eyebrows naturally closer to his body forward to the gift.

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