Friendship That Will Melt Your Heart!

man and lion

It is natural that you have to be away from lions and other wild animals, but it does not mean that they are cold-blooded killers who do not know how to love and to feel.

Frikkie Von Solms, 69-year-old carer of lions in South Africa, we know perfectly well – he has spent 11 years in the emerging Zion, kind and sensitive African lion.

Zion was born in sheltering for lions, but had to be separated from his mother Simba because carers feared that the small lion could be strangled by his father. So, growing up with Von Solms, Zion has turned into a real pet.

Man and Lion Zion

Man and Lion Zion

That Zion grew with me, and I learned to live with me through all stages of its development is unique and invaluable life experience. People talk about how the Lions are only wild beasts, but they have character, knows how to joke and laugh. Zion is a gentle giant. Never attacked any one and I have complete confidence in him, Von Solms says in the Daily Mail.

Man and Lion Zion

Man and Lion Zion

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