Fashion Tips that Every Women Have to Know!


Fashion guru Christian Louboutin possess extremely rich experience in the fashion industry, so he explains that every woman can be a seductress, if you respect certain rules.

The King of high heels emphasizes that for every lady’s style is required to comply with four basic fashion rules.

Carefully choose what to wear

Carefully choose clothes and shoes depending on what you want to achieve, also you have to feel comfortable in your clothes.


Put on clothes that depend on your mood

If you want to wear high heels, then don’t put on. In the words of the popular designer, the point is to just wear something that you feel sexy and comfortable. You can equally be seductive in flat boots.

Wear only what looks perfect on you

Some clothes look really perfect on the models in the store, but it does not necessarily mean that you will also stand on your body. Therefore dress only those clothes that fit just for you.

If your partner admires what you put on, then your choice is definitely the correct one!

Christian Louboutin explains that for him, the greatest compliment is when women say to him that their partners actually noticed that they put high heels from his shoes line.


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