Convertible version of Alfa’s ‘’Heart and Soul’’


In addition to the legendary racing history of the brand Alfa Romeo and exciting driving experience, the latest 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider 4C debut with panoramic views along the characteristic sound of the exhaust system, and essentially sporty character with the award-winning 4C Coupe: handmade in Modena in Italy; revolutionary and seductive Italian style, superb chassis made of carbon fiber inspired by Formula 1 that provides incredible strength to weight ratio; advanced technology, including a fully aluminum engine with 1750 cc turbocharged, direct injection, inter cooler and variable displacement valves that provide performance at the level of super-cars.

“4C” and the heritage of the brand Alfa Romeo

The name Alfa Romeo Spider 4C reminiscent of the great sporting tradition of the brand: tags 8C and 6C during the ’30s and’ 40s of the last century, marked the racing and road cars equipped with powerful six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines. As with the award-winning 4C Coupe, marking the latest model 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider 4C is a return to the “great models of Alfa Romeo,” and continued the tradition with an innovative fully aluminum four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1750 cc, turbocharged, direct injection and inter cooler, which delivers an impressive 136 horsepower power per liter.


With two seats, a panoramic view of the Italian engine and exhaust system, the 4C Spider belong to the most exciting motoring experience – and represent the core of heritage and DNA of the brand Alfa Romeo.

4C Spider has natural extension of the family that includes some of the best purpose-built sports models that illustrate the ease and efficiency with the unmistakable style of the brand Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Touring with aluminum bodywork from 1938; 1900 C52 “flying saucer” in 1952, which was achieved over 230 km / h; and above all, the legendary 33 Stradale 1967 with centrally mounted engine and chassis of magnesium alloy and steel pipes “draped” revolutionary style that is functional and unmistakably Italian. Now it is up to 4C Spider to provide excitement, performance and unforgettable emotions that only Alfa Romeo Spider can cause.

Revolutionary Italian style

As a continuation of the theme of technology, performance and Italian style, the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider 4C continues the brand’s journey, which began with the models: 8C (2008), 8C Spider (2009), 4C Coupe (2015), and most recently, Spider 4C Concept , which debuted at the 84th international Motor Show in Geneva.

Inspired by the model 33 Stradale, the new Alfa Romeo Spider 4C exceeds the body shape of this legendary racing models and continues the tradition of performance based on a functional and easy design of molded rubber composite sheets (SMC) which is formed seductive Italian design and “draped” the body made of carbon fiber and fully aluminum engine with turbocharging and direct injection 1750 cc volume.


The “heart beating” of this Italian super car is covered by a lid with three functional heat rejection and an aerodynamic spoiler. And it is the “heart beating ” model 4C Spider continue all the other elements of design: two powerful ports line the rear end of the car and raise the body above the belt line of the cabin, which creates a strong visual impression and the basis for further available black or carbon “halo”. The back grille and the round LED brake lights blend with powerful hind wings and give the car a powerful stance, including both stylish and functional large air vents which are used for engine cooling. Slightly lower, dual exhaust system mounted in the corners emphasizes the appearance of super-car models 4C Spider. Inspired by the Spider model 4C Concept, a brand new double, centrally mounted exhaust system Akrapovic high performance will be additionally available on the 4C Spider (available later).

On the sides of the 4C Spider, sculpted air intakes muscular and dynamic lines lead to the elegant headlights. Ram windscreen carbon fiber construction emphasizes the exotic, providing the strength and low weight, as well as the connection point for removable soft top that can be easily saved, or additionally provided a solid roof made of carbon fiber (available later).

From the windscreen trough the hood, the 4C stretch to two powerful forms that are naturally connected to the identifiable grille in the shape of a shield and trademarked brand Alfa Romeo. With two side air intakes in the front apron, 4C Spider formed the famous “trilobite”, an essential part of the distinctive design of the brand Alfa Romeo.

Cabin focused on performance

The cabin of the new 4C Spider draws inspiration from the racing model, specifically created with only the most necessary components integrated in the driver’s stylistic unity.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider owns two sports seats as standard composite frames coated leather with exposed carbon as an example of a racing-inspired technology. In addition, the driver’s cab with custom leather steering wheel flat bottom and gear knob, aluminum pedals, as well as proof of the racing spirit of the brand. For a more sophisticated look, fully leather interior with contrasting stitching standard is available on the Alfa Romeo Spider 4C, as well as the unique ventilation openings frames made of carbon fiber. As an example of the use of advanced technologies are considered, there is a 7-inch information display, which displays easy to find information about a vehicle that allows the driver to hold the attention on the road, or trail ahead.


The novelty on the line Alfa Romeo 4C is a premium Alpine audio system. Designed for true lovers of sound, this new device allows the 4C Spider to its passengers with superior sound quality and multiple connectivity options and choice of media, including hands-free phone connection via Bluetooth function, audio playback via Bluetooth, USB input, iPod interface and the ability to playback CD / MP3 formats. In addition, Alpine audio system and provides access to high-quality radio transmission via HD Radio and SiriusXM Radio.

The heart and the soul of the car – fully aluminum engine with turbocharger and direct injection volume of 1750 cc

The engine is the “heart” of every car from the brand Alfa Romeo, and in the new model 2015 4C Spider, what beats in the form of an innovative, fully aluminum engine with turbocharger and direct injection volume of 1750 cc, with intercooler and dual variable displacement valves (intake and exhaust), and continuous variable displacement valve that provides 237 horsepower – or impressive 136 horsepower per liter.

The turbocharger from the new generation has exhaust manifold converter pulses which helps in using pressure and increase torque at lower engine speeds. Advanced turbo technology allows the Alfa Romeo Spider 4C to maximize torque at low revs and to provide better responsiveness by improving the efficiency of combustion and turbine speed, while reducing turbo lag. As a result, the current supply torque with a maximum 350 nm; of which 80% is available at just 1,700 rpm.

These are some facts that Alfa Romeo stand out from the others, as a brand whose centennial history continues to be one of the best known and most popular ambassadors of Italian products around the world.

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