BMW is planning to build Series 9


One of the unofficial news coming from BMW is the idea of luxurious sedan from the Bavarian brand – Series 9.

About a more luxurious sedan of the Series 7, certain media wrote earlier, in April 2014, when the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept was promoted.

bmw 9 side

However, according to the news from Munich, decision on whether the concept will evolve into a production model has yet not been made, and if they get the green light, Series 9 can be expected during 2017.

BMW 9 Series

The 9 Series is supposed to be a luxury sedan, longer than the 7 Series long-wheelbase. It was also mentioned the length will be about 5.5 meters, which means that this will be a direct response to the Maybach Mercedes S-class. You can also expect the front and rear light, to be laser OLED light.

bmw series 9

In the end, even this; Harald Krueger (who will assume the position as the first man of BMW in May) said that you really can expect BMW’s Series 9 luxury model that will compete with the aforementioned Mercedes-Maybach.

bmw 9

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